Testing Recipes

One of the things we are planning to do is open up a small food business. From what we have read and what we have heard, the Colombian palate is a bit bland. This has been reinforced by some of the food we have had and from some of reactions from my cooking for some... Continue Reading →


The One Thing I Miss

We have officially lived in Laureles for 2 weeks now. Everything is close and within walking distance, the terrain is flat, there are not many Expats here and things are cheaper. The house we are in is on the ground floor and one story, so no stairs. And we have 3 bedrooms, instead of two... Continue Reading →

Get a Phone Right Away

The first day in Medellin, we connected to the internet and found the closest mobile phone store. Gary had done some research and everything he found said that Claro was the phone provider we wanted. We both had a second unlocked phone and wanted to have a local number for emergencies and for new friends.... Continue Reading →

Acceptable vs Unacceptable

I enjoy noticing the little differences from one country to another and thinking about how they came to be or not to be. I know the USA is full of insecure, judgmental people that care way too much about what others think. A lot of people make choices based on their preconceived notion of others... Continue Reading →

Upon Arrival

Both legs of the flight were fairly short at just under 3 hours each and the layover in San Salvador was only an hour. San Salvador is an hour behind Medellin and Houston and the airport is fairly small, but they had a lounge and we had a couple beers and sandwiches before boarding our... Continue Reading →

Round Trip Required

Our flight out of Houston was scheduled for 4:55pm and Gary scheduled his Global Entry for 1:45pm, so we needed to be at the airport and checked in by 1:30pm. His appointment was inside Terminal E after security so we needed a boarding pass to get in. There is also an office outside in the... Continue Reading →

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