The Idea and Plan

Earlier this year, I was offshore in the Gulf of Mexico on a project for Shell and worrying about future work. Between housing, bills, credit cards, cars and other miscellaneous expenses for family, I was spending at least 6000 a month. After all the bills were paid, there were the purchases of things I really didn’t need. Just buying things to buy things.

One of my closest friends was a huge fan of Fight Club. Before he passed away, we lived together and he constantly quoted it to me. It’s one of my favorite movies. And with so many good lines, it’s hard to pick my favorite. But one quote has been hitting home lately;

The things you own end up owning you. Right. We are consumers. We’re the bi-products of a lifestyle obsession”  We do not NEED all the things we think we need, and NEWSFLASH! when we get the things we think we need…they probably aren’t making us any happier.” ~TYLER DURDEN

At 46, I seem to reflect more and more on my life and the happiest I have ever been is with friends and having experiences with them. The trips, the parties, the weekends just sitting around and laughing. So when Gary said he was tired of the American lifestyle, wanted to work less and live more, I was all for it.

With all the downtime I have with my job, I resarched all our options as far as where we could move overseas. There were certain minimal expectations in the place we would end up and would whittle the list down to 5 places. Of those 5 places, we would try each place out and decide where to live from there. Things we expected from our new place of residence would be:
– low cost of living
– safe
– certain amenities we wouldn’t live without (decent wifi, decent grocery stores, etc)
– good healthcare
– easy to travel back and forth to the US

Central and South America would be the most logical choice since flights to the States would be short for most of the places we were considering. Costa Rica quickly got cut off the list because of the amount of Expats living there and the increasing cost of living. Panama made the list and so did the Dominican Republic. Colombia wasn’t somewhere I would have considered, but the more research I did, the more and more I was considering it. After some discussion between Gary and I, we added it andit eventually  made its way to the top of the list. Now it’s our first choice and unless anything really makes us hate it, probably the place we will stay.


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