Negative Response

I have gotten a lot of negative reactions to my decision to move to Colombia. The stigma of Colombia being dangerous from the 80’s and 90’s is still attached to the country. Most people who respond negatively have done little to no research on the country. And no, watching Narcos on Netflix is not research.

A simple Google search will tell you how much the city has changed. Since our decision, Gary and I have both met many people who are either from there or been there. Just in the last week, we have separately met 3 people that are knowledgeable on Medellin (Gary lives in San Francisco and I live in Houston). Aside from people that have never been there, I have not heard or read anything negative about the city. In fact, most people who have visited, rave about how great Medellin is. The more we read and hear about this city, the more excited we are to move there. I cannot wait.


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