My Give a Shit Level…

I have a few friends that just turned 40 and to celebrate, they booked a vacation to the Hyatt Ziva resort in Cabo San Lucas. I, along with 36 others, enjoyed 5 days and 4 nights of a beautiful all inclusive resort, scuba diving, offshore fishing and enjoying drinks and meals with some quality people. I only knew 6 people of the group when I got there, but quickly got to know the rest. So much fun, relaxing and laughing.


I got back home last Sunday and my give a shit level is quickly approaching zero. I literally landed Sunday evening, got an Uber home, got in my car, went to work, went back home, unpacked, repacked and caught a fight the next day to Mobile, AL. I’ll be here for 10 days and then it’s back to Houston to complete my move out of my townhome before the end of the month. I have 2 days to get this done and I’m stressing about it a bit. Once again work has taken over my life, which right now I am telling myself that every $1000.00 I make is another month I can live in Colombia without a job.


I know that Cabo is not Medellin, but I also saw how relaxing and enjoyable life could be. It seems that sometimes I forget that with all that I have going on. More so lately with the stress of traveling for work, getting moved out of my place and working.


At work in Mobile, I had a conversation with a coworker that just got back from his first trip to Colombia and he absolutely loved it. His wife’s father has family down there so he got a more local and behind the scenes look at the country. The only negative thing I have heard anyone ever say about Medellin came from him because he wasn’t crazy about the food. Others I have talked to loved the local cuisine, so it’s not high on my list of worries at this point.


Aug 14th cannot come soon enough.


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