It’s Been a Crazy Month…

It’s been a crazy month and so much has changed. It’s finally slowed down a bit so I thought I would give a quick update and then write a blog entry on each update over the next week. (blog subjects in bold)

My original plan was to fly to San Francisco and stay with Gary for 5 weeks until his contract was over and then we would pack up his stuff and drive back to Houston together, get his belongings sorted out and head to Medellin. I was planning to leave July 1st because my lease was up at the end of June and work was supposed to have dried up by then.

For some reason, work got really busy all of a sudden and my July calendar filled up fast. Since I had no real plans and I’d rather make more money instead of spending it, I decided to stay until the end of July. I lost the flight I had booked, but it was only a $118.00 hit and I would make it up quickly. Since I had already moved my furniture and most of my belongings to my friend Kim’s house, I had to figure something out for living arrangements for July. (*side note* Kim is my best female friend that I have know for 10 years. We dated, broke up, dated again, got married, got divorced and now are still great friends. Our relationship is actually better than it’s ever been and we still refer to each other as husband and wife most of the time and most people think it’s weird. I will use friend, wife, ex-wife and Kim interchangably) So I decided to move into an Airbnb. More accurately, two Airbnb’s for my last month in Houston.

So the new plan is I stay and work in Houston until the end of July, I will take a train to San Francisco (Amtrak train – post to come), stay with Gary for 4-5 days, and pack up his shit and head back to Houston. We will be in Houston until the 14th and fly out that evening. The tickets were booked 4 days ago and we scored 2 business class fares, one way, for 70K miles and $41.20.

I am now in my first Airbnb after a long day of moving. (it was an adventure due to untested theories and stupidity on my part)

Winding down tonight, I figured I’d have a glass of scotch (or three), catch up on blogging, learning Spanish, catching up on emails, then watch some TV and grab a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow will be the final long day of a string of long days and then I should be able to get back into a routine.

Oh and I bought a nice mirrorless camera to learn to use and hopefully get some great shots of our travels. It’s a Sony A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera and I got a 16-50mm and 55-210mm lens for it. I don’t know what that means, but I also got some reading material from a photographer friend and a couple of kindle books to learn.


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