How to Move a King Sized Memory Foam Mattress by Yourself…or What to Do When You Don’t Have Any Friends

June 30th was my last day at my townhome and I had already gotten my Airbnb reserved. I tend to find places with character or with some uniqueness or coolness. The place I really wanted to stay is a 100-year-old warehouse that has been converted into a loft apartment, but it wasn’t available the first 10 days of July. So I did book the loft and then booked a container home for the first 10 days.

Warehouse loft link

Container home link

I had already moved most of my furniture and boxes over to Kim’s. She’s storing my things while I travel which saves me about $250.00 a month in storage fees. For the last month I have been living at my place with paper plates, plastic wear, a pot, a pan, clothes, a 50” TV, a folding table as a desk and a king sized memory foam mattress. The plan was to take Friday and move those last things to Kim’s garage or the container home and then clean the townhome and settle in at the new place. Most of the things on the list were easy to move but the memory foam mattress posed a problem. It is too big to put in my SUV and I had no intention of hiring movers or renting a vehicle for one thing. I had a few friends that have trucks, but they are working during the day and it’s an 80 minute drive round trip, and I hate to be a burden on anyone. I knew the situation so a couple of weeks ago I Googled options and came up with a plan and bought the supplies I would need.

The mattress had originally come shrink-wrapped and rolled up so I thought I would try to recompress it back down and roll it up for storage and transport. The supplies I got to try this were:
King Size Super Thick Heavy Duty Mattress Bag
SpaceMax Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bag
A Roll of Duct Tape
Vacuum Cleaner (borrowed from Kim)
(*note: please read the whole thing before doing this. I had to adjust and purchase additional items to make this work…kinda)

The plan was to convert the mattress bag into a large space saver vacuum storage bag and then suck the air out of the bag to recompress the mattress. Below is what I did step by step with pictures.

2017-06-30 07.44.47
My king size memory foam mattress. Excuse the stain, but it’s not what you think. I spilled ramen noodles in bed and it left that stain.
2017-06-30 07.47.03
Take a space saver bag and cut out the valve along with a good portion of the material around it. I went with a square, since it is easer to duct tape than a circle.You can cut the whole front square out minus the ziplock portion.
2017-06-30 07.47.10
Here’s the cut out portion of the space saver bag with the cap removed. Do not remove the center portion of the valve as that piece keeps the air flowing in one direction. Removing it will let air leak out.
2017-06-30 07.52.17
Pull the mattress bag over the mattress. It takes a litte time and I tried to be as careful as possible so the bag wouldn’t rip.
2017-06-30 07.53.24
Cut out a square hole in the mattress bag. This hole shuld be considerably smaller than the square you cut out of the vacuum bag. I also placed a piece of wood inside the bag to prevent cutting the other side of the mattress bag.
2017-06-30 07.53.45
Place the vacuum valve square inside the mattress bag and line it up with the hole you cut into the mattress bag.
2017-06-30 07.57.30
Tape the valve square. to the mattress bag.
2017-06-30 08.01.42
I also taped the inside. I didn’t want any leaks. So I took mo chances.
2017-06-30 08.05.02
I also taped every seam in case there were weak points or rips I couldn’t see.
2017-06-30 08.06.05
I then taped the opened end of the mattress bag closed. I used a couple/few layers just to be sure.
2017-06-30 08.23.37
I started vacuumng the air out of the bag. The vacuum I used was a Dyson.
2017-06-30 08.23.41
It is actually working.

At this point a couple of things happened that stopped my progress and had me make some changes. The first thing was the vacuum over heated. Vacuum cleaners have a release valve that engages when a certain amount of suction is reached. It keeps the vacuum from overheating. I found this out because I kept hearing the relief valve engage and it would reduce the amount of suction. I taped over the relief valve to keep the suction up and this caused the vacuum to overheat. Given this was Kim’s vacuum and Dyson’s are incredibly expensive, I immediately Googled to see if it was ruined. Everything I read said two things. One, so not cover the relief valve and two, it takes about an hour for the engine to cool down enough for the vacuum to work again. I decided to run to the Home Depot to pick up a cheap shop vac and when I returned, the second thing that impeded my progress happened…

Earlier in the month I had called and had all my utilities turned off for the end of the month. I didn’t think it would be an issue until I got back from Home Depot with my new $50.00 shop vacuum and realized the electric company had turned my electricity off at 10:00am. If it weren’t for the vacuum, I would not have gone through the whole process of having to start a new electricity account just so I could have power for another 6 hours to finish my move. After doing just that, I decided to take a load of boxes over to Kim’s while waiting for them to turn the power back on.

I got back home a couple hours later and the electricity was back on. So back to the mattress.

2017-06-30 09.44.30
The new shop vac. It’s the smallest one they make and cost me $50.00
2017-06-30 09.48.01
Back to sucking air.
2017-06-30 09.55.52
I placed a bag under the hose to keep it more vertical. This kept the hose attached without me having to hold it.
2017-06-30 15.38.48
After an hour of suction. I a
2017-06-30 15.39.01
Almost there.

I was very excited and sure at this point that this would work. That is until the third problem happened. At some point, no way of knowing when, the mattress bag sprung a leak. I found this out when I went to take the hose off the valve to see how hard it would be to roll the mattress up. The mattress started expanding slowly, so I put the hose back on the valve and came up with a new plan. It wasn’t graceful or super intelligent, but at this point, I had come too far and was running out of time. The new plan was to try and roll the mattress up as it was stil attached to the hose. Then I would tape it as much as I could and hope that I could keep it rolled until I moved it; even if the mattress expanded back to full size.

2017-06-30 16.01.58
Rolled, taped and stuffed into my SUV. It’s still expanding.
2017-06-30 16.19.08
Barely fits in my SUV, but it fits. At this point I had visions of the tape popping and me having a stcuk king sized memory foam mattress in my car.
2017-06-30 17.38.58
Moved and in storage. Fully expanded now, but still rolled up.

June 30th was a long and frustrating day for me, but I got it done. After getting back to the Container house, I got cleaned up and drank beer and relaxed the rest of the night. Hopefully I will never have to do that again.


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