Three Airbnbs in Two Months

My lease ended in June and work continued. Originally work was supposed to end in June, but I decided to stay until the end of July to make more money for Colombia. I had two choices for a place to stay. I could extend my lease another month, which meant another month living with no furniture except a mattress on the floor, or I could look to stay in an Airbnb.

I did a quick search for places to rent and I realized something. I realized I could have saved a ton of money over the last year by staying in an Airbnb the whole time. Even looking at the mid level cost places, they cost less than I was paying in just rent. I could have saved thousands on utilities and buying furniture, dishes and televisions. I wish I had done that.

One of the things I look at with Airbnbs besides value is a cool place that has charm, personality and originality. My first choice was a 100-year-old warehouse that had been converted to a loft apartment. The neighborhood wasn’t the best, but all the reviews from past tenants said there were no issues with crime and being that parking and apartment were behind a security fence, I wasn’t that worried about it. (I also have a concealed handgun license and carry a gun so that also makes me feel safe). The place wasn’t available until the 10th of the month so I decided to find another place for the first 10 days of the month.

The first place I moved into was a container home in the Heights area. The Heights has been an area of gentrification for a coupe of decades now. Every month new restaurants, and houses pop up in the place of old use car lots and run down homes. The area the container home is in is still one that needs updating, but it’ll slow spread out to that area. The house was roomier than I expected and extremely comfortable. Aside from the unsecured parking and slow wifi, I could have stayed here the entire time.

The final place is the condo we have rented in Medellin. Given that the cost of an Airbnb is so cheap in Colombia, we might take our first month and look for the perfect Airbnb to stay in the whole time. It’ll save us in costs of buying furniture and having to turn on utilities. There are some requirements for a ExPat toget utilities turned on in Medellin, including having a Cedula Extranjeria, which is a Colombian ID for foreigners. Getting a Cedula Extranjeria is based on your visa type. Only visas over 3 months require a Cedula Extranjeria and you must have registered for one within 15 days of arrival or you will incur fines. You cannot get one if you are on a standard tourist visa. Once we get our visas transferred into a business visa and go through the process of getting a Colombian ID, I will write more about it.


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