The Great Mosquito Massacre of 2017

This post has nothing to do with the move to Medellin Colombia, but I’m trying to write more consistently. I am 4 days from the Amtrak train trip to San Francisco and we are 17 days away from the trip to Medellin, Colombia.

The Airbnb I have been staying in since July 10th has mosquitos. Not a couple of mosquitos here and there, but somewhere in the loft there is standing water and they are breeding like crazy. The first night I killed 8 before I went to bed and still woke up with bites. That next day, I did some research on ways to get rid of the flying bloodsuckers and I found the best way to kill them is a water trap. Mosquitoes are attracted to water and if you place a bowl of water out with liquid dish soap, they land on the water and sink. The soap is a surfactant and breaks the water tension that allows them to sit on the surface. So instead of landing and sitting on top of the water, they sink and drown. I placed two bowls out, added the water, soap and a little wine (I also read wine attracts them), one next to the bed and one in the bathroom. It seems that they are coming from the bathroom, where I am sure they are breeding. I double checked the area around the bed to make sure there were no skeeters in site and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up and checked the traps.

Woke up to 13 dead mosquitoes in the water trap after the first night of it being in place. Water, liquid dish soap, and a little white wine.

Seems that they work, however I still woke up with new bites. So, I went to the local hardware store and bought a few more things. My setup now is the water bowl traps, mosquito repellant around the bed (natural), tea tree oil on my arms and chest, sticky traps in other areas of the house and a fan blowing at me to keep them from landing on me. Seems to be working and I rarely see any more of the suckers in the apartment however, I still am not sleeping well. Since I have long hair, sometimes when I’m sleeping my hair touches my face and I wake up freaking out thinking a mosquito is dive bombing my face. I have been tying my hair back and wearing a thin tuque (beanie) to bed, but in the course of a night, the tuque falls off and my hair fall out of the hair tie. So I’ll suffer with little sleep for another 3 nights and hope to get some rest on my Amtrak train adventure.


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