Acceptable vs Unacceptable

I enjoy noticing the little differences from one country to another and thinking about how they came to be or not to be. I know the USA is full of insecure, judgmental people that care way too much about what others think. A lot of people make choices based on their preconceived notion of others perspectives. I’m guilty of doing the same thing from time to time so this isn’t a bash on Americans. It’s a cultural difference observation. Ask any American if it’s okay to wear a waist bag (fanny pack) and 90% of the people will say no. Why are they unacceptable? Because people make fun of the bags and the people wearing them regardless of how useful the item is to the wearer. I believe we can thank Weird Al – White and Nerdy for turning the handy bag into a fag bag. People won’t wear the item for fear of shaming. Now, I’m in Colombia and waist bags are in full force. Men, women and children done the bag in styles ranging from the original 90’s to the more modern designer versions. There’s no pointing, laughing or shaming of any kind and it’s very refreshing. Form over function, function over form?

Another HUGE faux pas in the States is 2 men on a motorcycle or bicycle. Oh, hell no!!! That is totally unacceptable. Your man-card will be revoked immediately and possibly indefinitely unless it was a life or death emergency. Well, that’s not the case in Colombia. You’ll find every rider combination on any given day including man-to-man, women-to-women and my personal favorite, wait for it……. Woman-to-man and he’s riding bitch. I almost lost my shit when I saw this for the first time. Can you imagine the amount of smart ass comments you’d receive from your friends after pulling up on the back of your cuties motorcycle? We would piss ourselves with laughter.

Colombians are obviously more secure with themselves than Americans and my hat is off to them. You do you. Own that shit. Cultural differences, gotta love it. And no, I won’t be wearing a fanny pack or riding bitch on a bike anytime soon.

Happy Travels,



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