There’s a Dress Code in Colombia (and) Just Call Me Sasquatch

Within 48 hours of arriving to Medellin, we have already made friends and contacts. One of the Expat locals that has lived here for 10+ years is friends of some of our mutual friends. He actually grew up in the same part of Houston as I did.

One of the things that was pointed out to us immediately is we dressed like tourists. It is rare that locals wear shorts or flip flops and they never wear them together. The information was taken with a grain of salt since a shaved head white guy traveling with a long-haired Asian is nonexistent here and we would never blend in anyways. Saying that, we did start noticing that people are always in long pants, which we think is crazy since it is in the 80’s temperature wise. Apparently dressing to impress is coveted over comfort, with people even going as far as wearing jackets. I do understand that they are acclimated to this weather and they get cold at 75 degrees, but I have seen more than a couple people wearing jackets in the middle of the day.

The other thing that is rare here is Asian people. At last count, we have seen 8 Asians in the last 3 weeks. They are so rare that people stare at me constantly. I could imagine that it is how a supermodel feels walking down the street, but I am neither a supermodel nor a woman. It took some getting used to and now I even like the attention. I just look back at them, give them a big smile and say hi in Spanish.


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