The One Thing I Miss

We have officially lived in Laureles for 2 weeks now. Everything is close and within walking distance, the terrain is flat, there are not many Expats here and things are cheaper. The house we are in is on the ground floor and one story, so no stairs. And we have 3 bedrooms, instead of two and there is so much more room. The only negative thing about the new place is lack of a dryer.

Our first place had a stackable washer and dryer. The house we are in now only has a washer and a drying rack. Our laundry room is quite large so we ended up drilling some holes in the wall and hanging up two clothes lines. It takes up less room and makes things a bit easier, but it’s not the same as pulling out warm dry clothes from an actual dryer. The clothes that dry on a line are wrinkled and can be stiff.

Gary found a laundry service close by, but they charge about 1.25 a pound. It’s not much, but it will start adding up. He spent 30 USD last week on laundry and if I did the same, we would be spending 240 USD a month on laundry. We priced a new dryer at 3,000,000 COP (1,000 USD), so our final option is to find a used dryer.


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