Testing Recipes

One of the things we are planning to do is open up a small food business. From what we have read and what we have heard, the Colombian palate is a bit bland. This has been reinforced by some of the food we have had and from some of reactions from my cooking for some of our new friends.

Last night I made a simple chili. It took a week to make because a lot of spices that we are used to using in the US aren’t readily available here. I found a spice store in our old neighborhood (Poblado) and after some emailing back and forth with the owner, I had all the spices I would normally have in my kitchen delivered to me. The cost of the delivery was less than the cost of what I would have paid to Uber there and back. Also, on a side note, almost every place here will deliver.

My original plan was to make the chili with very little heat, split it into two portions and then spice up one portions. I would ask a few of the neighborhood locals that I see regularly and have them try my dish.

It was during my cooking last night that I noticed how spicy the chili was. I went through all my ingredients and the only thing that would have done it would have been chili powder I bought from the spice store. Chili in the States is just for flavoring and not for heat. The chili was the perfect amount of spicy for Gary and I, but I worried it would be too spicy for the locals. I took a couple small bowls of it to the grocery store we frequent and asked them to try it. They loved it. I still have to make a no heat version for people who can’t take spicy, but it’s nice to see that some of the locals like the first Texas dish I made for them.


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