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Gary B. and Simon S. have been friends since their teenage years. Over the last 3 decades, their tight knit group has remained close, but only Gary remained single. Marriages and kids got in the way of get togethers. Simon was the last one to get married, but it was short-lived and after the divorce, all it took was Gary mentioning moving overseas and Simon was all for it.

Gary B. has been in the oil and gas industry for over 20 years. He started as a technician and worked his way up quickly to a lead role in plants and turnarounds with API certifications in piping, tanks and columns. He has traveled all over the USA, Central America and the Caribbean for work. His final position was on the north Alaskan slope for BP before the bottom dropped out of the oil industry. He quickly took a position in the pharmaceutical industry and has remained there the last two years, waiting on the recovery of oil prices.

Simon S. has an associates degree in computer maintenance which he used for the first 5 years after school. He bounced from temp job to temp job until he landed a permanent position as a graphic artist in the corporate world; first working for Enron and then Compaq-HP, where he was laid off after their merger. After a year of unemployment, Gary and others in the group helped him get a foot into the door into the oil industry. Starting as a technician for an AUT (Automated Ultrasonic Testing) company, over the course of the next 15 years, he worked is way to a supervisory role, then into the office as a project manager and finally landing his present position as an auditor/consultant. Simon’s role has taken him all over the world, mostly working offshore on lay barges.

Now, both single, no kids and with a little money saved up, the adventure of moving to a third word country begins.


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