It’s Been a Crazy Month…

It’s been a crazy month and so much has changed. It’s finally slowed down a bit so I thought I would give a quick update and then write a blog entry on each update over the next week. (blog subjects in bold) My original plan was to fly to San Francisco and stay with Gary... Continue Reading →

My Give a Shit Level…

I have a few friends that just turned 40 and to celebrate, they booked a vacation to the Hyatt Ziva resort in Cabo San Lucas. I, along with 36 others, enjoyed 5 days and 4 nights of a beautiful all inclusive resort, scuba diving, offshore fishing and enjoying drinks and meals with some quality people.... Continue Reading →

And Now I Have Two Smartphones

I had my iPhone unlocked in anticipation of the trip to Colombia. I figured I would just swap out my SIM chip and get a local carrier account for local use. During my research online for South American phone companies and plans, I learned that my phone would not work in Colombia at all. My... Continue Reading →

Negative Response

I have gotten a lot of negative reactions to my decision to move to Colombia. The stigma of Colombia being dangerous from the 80’s and 90’s is still attached to the country. Most people who respond negatively have done little to no research on the country. And no, watching Narcos on Netflix is not research.... Continue Reading →

I Am Now 4% Fluent in Spanish

I have a lot of downtime offshore with my job. I usually keep myself busy by watching TV shows and movies that I bring out on hard drives, but 12 hours a day to fill in with busy work can be hard. Other things that keep me busy are comic art, reading, researching and, lately,... Continue Reading →

Visa Requirements and Length of Stay

During my short visit home from work, I did a little reseach on visa needs. I figured that my break would be the best time to do it in case I needed to call the Colombia Consulate. The Colombian Consultate webpage has an online visa application, it was while I was going through this process... Continue Reading →

El Poblado

Now that we decided on a country and city, the next step was to decide on an area within the city to live. Since neither of us had been there, we relied solely on internet research. Medellin metro is separated into 22 districts which are rated on a socioeconomic scale of 1 to 6. These... Continue Reading →

The Idea and Plan

Earlier this year, I was offshore in the Gulf of Mexico on a project for Shell and worrying about future work. Between housing, bills, credit cards, cars and other miscellaneous expenses for family, I was spending at least 6000 a month. After all the bills were paid, there were the purchases of things I really... Continue Reading →

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